Or How I Learned To Stop Thinking
And Love The Label

Presented by Kinetech Arts

Please Brainwash Me!

See Brainwash Machine in action at The Gallery Space of the Bethany Center at 580 Capp Street, SF CA

Brainwash Machine explores how labels frame our thoughts, shape our judgment, and reduce complex situations into simplified and biased dualities. Over ten gigabytes of tweets were collected each day during the 2016 presidential election. From this dataset, the Brainwash Machine extracts the top 30 words used to label people.

Contributing Artists

Weidon Yang, Daiane Lopes da Silva, Raymond Larrett, Scott Rubin, Josh Marshall, Jiayi Young, Shih-Wen Young, Alex Benedict, Maria Sotnikova, Lauren Bedal, Hien Huynh, Shareen DeRyan, Sarah Smith, Keryn Breiterman-Loader, Travis Bennett, Evan Warfel, Sony Green, Charlie Eddy, David Ruth, Hanna Regev, Joel Dreamm, Yagiz Mungan, Ksenia Fedorova, Ernesto Sopprani Video installation and calling were inspired by story and work from Maja Spasova.

Special Thanks

To YBCA and YBCA staff, for hosting the original exhibition on Feb. 18, 2017 at YBCA, to aeveryone who loaned phones and tablets, Alex Benedict for printing the posters, and Hannah Regev for arranging the exhibit at the Gallery Space of the Bethany Center of the Arts .